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Mercedes SL500 Wide Body

Wald International Black Bison
- Front Bumper
- Side Skirts
- Front Fenders
- Rear Over Fenders
- Trunk Wing

ADV05 Deep Concave
F: 20x9
R: 20x11.5
Center: Matte Black
Outer/Inner Lip: Gloss Black

Different? Yes!
Lowering Needed? Please!
Growing on me? Absolutely!

Acute Performance - Wald & ADV1 Dealer

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Heh, he has an entire stable of cars he doesn't need balls out on all of them -- Superleggera, GTR, AM, etc.

Agreed. I don't see the point in putting so much money into a base model car, they should have grabbed an SL65 or at the very least SL55. Now this car is all looks and no balls.

Other than that, I like it... Would like to see satin purple tho
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