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We had another CLA250 fitted with Armytrix performance exhaust. Our customer longed for a louder exhaust sound but not mean to disturb the neighborhood at night, Armytrix was the first brand came into his mind. Armytrix full valvetronic exhaust for MB CLA250 increase power performance, exhaust efficiency, distinctive sounds, and fresh your driving experience. Moreover, valvetronic system allow customer switch the sounds to street mode which turns exhaust into stock sound for quiet and comfortable drive.

Special features:
1. Larger pipe diameter than stock provide better gas efficiency.
2. More aggressive look with customized tips style
3. Advance Valvetronic system to control the airflow, back pressure, volume, and improve overall performance.
4. Distinctive 'Howling' exhaust sounds.
5. Wireless valve control system in 3 modes(Race/Street/Auto)
6. In auto mode, we offer better launch-start at low rpm with losing back pressure and performance increase at mid-high range rpm
7. Increasing horsepower with no check engine light
8. Highest quality welds
9. Sharper, Crisper, sound across the rev range
10. More driving pleasure!

Armytrix official website:

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Armytrix Instagram: @Armytrix_F1_exhaust

Armytrix valvetronic exhaust for Mercedes-Benz CLA250

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