Mercedes-AMG Confirms More Electrified Models Are in the Pipe

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Mercedes -AMG is turning to hybrids and electric vehicles for its future.

This isn’t the first time the German automaker has expressed interests in electrification, but this time it comes straight from its boss, Tobias Moers. Speaking to Motor Authority, Moers confirmed the high-performance luxury arm of Mercedes-Benz will turn to hybrids and electric powertrains past 2020. “When we talk about an AMG hybrid or an electric powertrain, it’s something we expect beyond 2020 for sure,” he said. “It’s a really exciting situation in the automotive industry. Everybody is talking about electrification and hybridization of drivetrains. Electrification gives you extra power and extra efficiency… in a different way for the performance segment.”

There are numerous automakers that have turned to electrification for increased performance on their vehicles, and even supercars like the LaFerrari and McLaren P1 employ electric motors to boost performance. Mercedes-AMG has a working hybrid powertrain in its Formula 1 race cars, but it hasn’t had an electric production model since the SLS Electric Drive, which isn’t even sold anymore.

The upcoming hypercar dubbed “Project One” is believed to use a version of the Mercedes-AMG hybrid Formula 1 powertrain, so when it debuts it will likely be our first real look at how Mercedes-AMG plans on using electrification on its future production models.

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