Meet the World's First Silent Superyacht

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There are superyachts and then there's the Genesi. The first of the Wider 150 series, this Italian-made beauty features a diesel-electric propulsion system that operates in a silent (read: you could hear a pin drop kind of quiet) zero-emissions mode. It's the world's first silent super yacht.

Running on battery power while in zero-emissions mode, the Genesi can travel for 8 hours at speeds as fast as 5 knots, and when rushing through waters at 10 knots, the Wider 150 eats only 17 gallons of fuel per hour. Not bad on the mileage front when you consider this boat's size.
But it's the sounds or lack thereof from the 391-ton superyacht that have got people talking! While making its way through the water, the Genesi's propulsion system registers in at 37 decibels. That's three whole decibels quieter than the hum of a regular kitchen fridge.
A $29 million showstopper, it's also sure to impress guests with a 3,700-square-foot exterior space, onboard beach club, a 23-foot-long swimming pool, and a massive master suite with a fold down, teak balcony. Other special features include an open sky deck with Jacuzzi and lounge area, an 850-square-foot owner's suite with luxury en-suite bathroom, and a garage for the Genesi's tender, affectionately dubbed the Wider 32.

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