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no I havent, Im gonna make some calls this week!! Im not a big fan of waiting for cars!!
for some reason I thought I was gonna take the same approach as the day we bought the r8 lol... go into the dealer, see the car wasn't gonna be paid for by the person who spec'd it, pay for and take it home..
i dont think you can do that on this one bro..
park place in dallas (dealer closest to me) is only getting a few.
I would contact Dew Luxury in tampa (the one closest to you at this time) and see how many cars they are getting and how many confirmed orders they have.

we have two "confrimed" one for me and one for my father..who will most likely turn the spot over to my brother it seems.

would be nice if O'gara would get a mclaren dealership
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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