McLaren has shared sketches of its 720S  GT3 car  its customer teams will race from the 2019 season onward. 

The 720S GT3 will replace the 650S GT3 as McLaren’s customer GT3 car. Sketches of the racer were shared by the British manufacturer Tuesday, showing its heavily reworked aerodynamics, huge rear wing and other GT3 touches such as tow hooks, center lock  wheels  and Pirelli slicks.

Like the 650S GT3, the 720S GT3 will likely be powered by the same engine as the road car, which is, in this case, a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged  V8 . Due to GT3 spec rules, it will be making less than the 720 hp it makes in the road car – probably somewhere in the 500 hp range. A sequential transmission will likely also replace the dual-clutch unit found in the road car.

McLaren says the 720S GT3 will be developed throughout 2018 before making its competitive debut in 2019.