Monterey Car Week is all about supercars, so it’s no surprise that  McLaren  brought its new 720S to this year’s edition of the annual event. What we didn’t expect was a 720S done up by its McLaren Special Operations division.

The car was ordered by well-known supercar collector Michael Fux, who has previously commissioned both a  12C Spider  and a P1 in bespoke colors. The purple shade applied to his new 720S MSO is called “Fux Fuschia” and was created by Rolls-Royce for the entrepreneur and redeveloped by McLaren. The British automaker says Fux will retain exclusive rights to the color for use on McLaren cars.

Apart from the exterior color, this 720S MSO is set apart from others by its purple detailing on the lightweight  wheels  and purple interior accents. The upholstery, simply called MSO Bespoke White, is also a unique option and is joined by white  Alcantara floor mats  and white stitching. Other features include stealth grey window surrounds, a stealth grey exhaust and various carbon fiber components from the MSO catalog.

If you’re wondering what a 720S MSO like this costs, you’re out of luck. The automaker says the price of Fux’s McLaren isn’t available due to the “nature of an MSO Bespoke commission.” For what it’s worth, a McLaren 720S in Luxury spec will run you about $280,500.