One of coolest parts of the McLaren F1 (and there were many) was its centrally positioned driver’s seat flanked by two passenger seats on either side. It’s a feature that didn’t get carried over to the P1 hypercar, but McLaren has confirmed that a new “Hyper-GT” is in the works, which will utilize a three-seat cabin layout similar to the F1’s. Our only question is, why don’t all cars have driver’s seats in the middle?

Tentatively called BP23 in McLaren-speak, meaning Bespoke Project 2 with three seats, the new car is being designed with long-distance journeys in mind, hence the “Hyper-GT” moniker. Its hybrid drivetrain promises improved range for longer high-speed road trips, along with more refinement. McLaren says it will also be one of the most powerful the company has ever produced, so expect over 1,000 hp.

Despite the road-going pretenses, McLaren promises incredible performance. It’s a trick the P1 pulled off well by utilizing its hybrid drivetrain to do a pretty good impression of a Prius in town, and then morphing into a track-day monster with Race mode. No doubt McLaren has learned a few new tricks since.

Only 106 are being built, which more astute readers will recognize as the same number of McLaren F1s built between 1992 and 1999, and all have been spoken for. Deliveries are slated for early 2019. Customers will work with McLaren Special Operations to get color and interior options dialed in just the way that want. That said, some McLarens have left the factory recently with spectacularly horrendous color options, thanks to this program.

Whatever. We’re excited about this spiritual successor to the F1, which we should be learning more about in the coming months. Watch this space.