MBZ S63 AMG Project Amadeus l Vellano Wheels VKU

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Vellano Wheels & SR Autogroup's Project Amadeus

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dope! great work. looks perfect.
simple and clean
white and black. everyone use this scheme lately
Dope rims and really nice front but I just don't dig the side skirts and what the fuvk did you do to the exhaust pipes... Terrible pipes, would probably fit better on the side skirts...
This car is gorgeous!! Great Work guys!! stunning!
not digging the side skirts..
It's not just the sideskirts.
The front lip, fender vents and blacked out wheels are not doing a lot for me either.
I can tell it would look a lot better if the car were black and the wheels had polished lips......or a white stripe on the rim of the lip.
dope wheels, lame bodykit!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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