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During Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este 2018 I have filmed the Mazda Vision Coupe Concept.

We know, we have felt it too: the gorgeous Mazda Vision Coupe remains just as gorgeous today as it did when we first saw it in October of last year.

There. Feels good to get it out in the open, right? At this year’s Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este we clapped eyes on Mazda’s vision of loveliness and were reminded of just how right this thing is. Big, plush, sleek four-door coupe. It just works.

At the Geneva’s Motorshow festivities, the Vision Coupe picked up a ‘concept car of the year’ award.

The Vision Coupe displays the newest iteration of Mazda’s Kodo design language, a language that’ll sprinkle its charms over Mazda’s complete range for the next seven-odd years.

Upon the car’s reveal last October, at the Tokyo show, Mazda said the Vision Coupe “forgoes the rhythmical motion that prior iterations of Kodo design emphasised in body language”. And other things like the notion that it “strips away all non-essential elements to embody a less-is-more aesthetic”.

We’ve just remembered how good the Mazda6 is
We know that Mazda is still developing the rotary engine, design boss Kevin Rice telling us a while back that the height of the bonnet of the Vision Coupe’s predecessor, the RX Vision, was done specifically to package a certain type of engine.

“Nobody else would have developed the rotary engine. We thought we could get something good out if it, which we did, but we never stopped developing it,” he said. “In the back rooms at Mazda, we’re still developing it, and when the world’s ready to buy another rotary, we’ll be ready to provide it,” he added.

THE WORLD IS READY, Mazda. Build this. And the RX Vision. Fit them both with massively powerful, high-revving rotary engines. Sit back. Sweep up acclaim.
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