Maybach Tries to Survive by Sponsoring Art

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With the financial and economical crisis slowly fading away a lot of car manufacturers can breath more freely again. That also counts for supercar and luxury brands such as Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce but sadly enough not for Mercedes-Benz daughter Maybach.

The Germans keep on struggling to sell more pieces of their super exclusive and luxurious cars with sales numbers in the low hundreds over the last year. As the capability of the production plant is good for about 2,000 vehicles per year, the problem has to be found with the customers.

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I hope it survives, i like that car.

I don't like what they're doing to the front end, there was a 57s parked in the sponsors area of Saudi Boat show and i shit-you-not from far, i thought it was a Hyundai Equus
they need to redesign the car a lot....its very long in the tooth.
I am glad that two tone is going away. that thing was horrible.
It's just a big S-Class. Of course they'll have problems selling it. It's appealing in name only and doesn't do anything to differentiate itself.
I agree with Big.. I always loved the 57s/62s because it didn't use the two tone.
But overall, I love the 57s. Always have and will be my most favorite luxury ride. I just don't understand how the hell they didn't understand that back when they introduced the the $8 Mil. coupe and got crazy demand, didn't try to develop something in that direction. Even though they are now letting some aftermarket company introduce the coupe version, it's just not the same. I still love the brand and 57s, but it just seems as they can't hardly compete with RR regarding sales and design.
I really like Maybach, but they look to much like the S class, needs to be redesigned to have it's own look.
Looks too much like an S class and the badge carries none of the weight that Bentley does, and not even the same galaxy as Rolls-Royce.
Car just cannot compete with a Phantom!! Needs a redesign!!
Clearly need to redesign their pricing schedule. If they want to sell 2000 units lower the price simple supply and demand.
I genuinely feel the interior (REAR area - for passengers) is more luxurious than a Phantom. Though I certainly prefer the looks of RR.
I think it looks like the child of a lincoln town car and an s-class. The interior is stunning, but they have to do more to differentiate it from the S and make the exterior more appealing.
they need to redesign the car a lot....its very long in the tooth.
I am glad that two tone is going away. that thing was horrible.

I still like it though, I saw one in person once and they are sharp cars
Jay-Z and Rick Ross need to Market the brand more.lmao jk. They are nice cars and I have seen a few in person, Allen Iverson's and Vashon Lenords, but they look like an s550 . My girl didn't even know what it was until she heard me say ohhhh shit a Maybach and long behold it was Allen Iverson driving it with Colorado Plates. RIP Maybachhhhhh
It's sad to see this, as a fellow Maybach owner, I fvckin love the car!!! I had picked the Maybach over the Phantom when I was getting a new 4door after I sold my Mansory Flying Spur. The Maybach is def the more luxury car, drives way better, doesn't feel like your floating on a boat in a Phantom, and the car movesss for such a big heavy thing. The Phantom is sick dont get me wrong, and it is more plush, and a total f u car. The only Phantom that I'd care to get would be the EWB...but with that being said, Id pick a 62 over an EWB anyday...
I hope Maybach survives, they have the potential to be great vehicles.
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