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Does anyone happen to have an overview of the yearly costs of a Maybach 57 (Ben?) similar to the one that I've posted on the Veyron?
I've searched pretty much everywhere, but couldn't find some actual numbers. Since the chassis is based on the W140 and the electronics on the W220, is it rather easy/cheap to repair and maintain?
I'm sure you'll be getting gangraped once the air suspension breaks down, but how about regular oil changes and other minor things? What are common problems?

Although the most common and idiot answer to that question "If you can afford a Maybach, you can afford that too and don't have to worry" seems to be common everywhere else,
I hope we can get some numbers together in here. Especially since a used 57 is fairly cheap to purchase these days.
I know a plastic piece up by the sunroof button broke and it costs 7k to fix. When it comes to changing parts or fixing electrical issues, say a prayer. Regular maintenance is a joke if you can already afford to buy the car.
201 - 220 of 252 Posts