Massive Art Show Friday in SF - "The Beginning of the End"

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Hey guys, I got the official go ahead and am able to tell L4P about this massive show i've put together.

Hot girls, free beer, phenomenal art, right up L4P's alley, some good stuff for you walls! :wink:

I've been working hard on putting it together (curating) for the past six months or so and it's finally here.

The show is mostly female figurative paintings/street art so I think it will be right up your guys alley! :)

To buy a piece before the opening, email [email protected] or call (415) 864-6549 they will also be available to buy via the website online on friday via
there is massive interest / collector base and some pieces are already gone

I was introduced to L4P by Che and Kayla Jane, and there should be a few mixed media pieces by Taren Meacham featuring KJ. And I hope Ernesto is able to attend.

Taren Meacham, Biafra Inc, Decimus, Michael Shapcott, Give Up, Pobresito, Nichole Camarillo, Burner, and Cuca Refugia

May 14th, 7-11 PM

597 Haight Street San Francisco (Haight and Steiner in the lower haight neighborhood, 1 block from Upper Playground if you know where that is)

Juxtapoz Article:

Juxtapoz Magazine - The Beginning of the End | Current


Facebook event info ( if you're into that sort of thing)
The Beginning of the End | Facebook


YouTube - "The Beginning of the End" - Official Trailer 2 - Opening: 5.14.10 San Francisco

YouTube - "The Beginning of the End" - Official Trailer - Opening: 5.14.10 San Francisco

YouTube - The Beginning of the End - Teaser - SF CA - 05.14.2010 - []
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Sub'd for browsing later. Thanks for the heads up, not sure if I can attend but defintely would like to check out what you have a little later on.
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