It's likely that the grey-haired, country club-attending folk that will buy the Mercedes-AMG S63 are more than happy with the 577 horsepower its 5.5-liter turbocharged V8 produces from the factory, but for the select few that want a little (okay, a lot) more, there's Mansory's new 840 horsepower S63 'Black Edition'.

Boosting the 5.5-liter mill to 840 horsepower required replacing the turbochargers and installing a new sports exhaust system, ECU and air filter. Even more shocking than the power output is the torque: there's a massive 848 lb-ft on tap. Mansory says there could be a lot more, too, but their engineers had to electronically limit the output to avoid leaving bits of the drivetrain all over the asphalt. The result is a 3.5-second 0-62 mph sprint and a limited 300 km/h top speed. That'll get you and your clubs to the links pretty quick.

In typical Mansory fashion, the appearance upgrades are equally as manic as the engine modifications. A full carbon aero kit consisting of new front and rear bumpers, a lightweight vented hood, fender flares and rear spoiler is present and is joined by 22-inch forged wheels. Lowering springs drop the cabrio by 30mm and also help out through the corners.

A variety of interior upgrades for the already luxurious S63 are also available. The German tuning company says it "refined every visible and operable part of the interior cabin," with high-quality leather upholstery and carbon fiber inserts. Mansory-branded floor mats and Mansory illuminated door sills inform cabin occupants their in no ordinary AMG product. Not that depressing the right pedal wouldn't be enough of a reminder..