The Brand from Bavaria is back. Mansory has put a spin on another high-end luxury car, this time giving a Rolls-Royce Dawn the royal treatment.

The refinement programme by Mansory isn’t just a subtle tuneup, but a radical change to the Dawn. Mansory designers gave the front of the four-seater a completely new design. The larger air intakes on the new front spoiler, combined with integrated LED daytime running lights give the Dawn a truly dynamic look.

Popular with most tuning upgrades, carbon fiber is added throughout, enhancing the modern, sporty look. The front lip, radiator housing and the lightweight construction of the bonnet were all upgraded with the quality material.

Mansory went all out for that sporty design, yet didn’t ignore what’s under the hood. The engine performance received a ridiculous power boost to 740 hp / 544 kW at 5,500 rpm, a substantial upgrade over the standard 570 hp / 420 kW. The Dawn can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h within 4.5 seconds, and boasts a maximum speed of  285 km/h.

The newly designed interior is pure class: brushed aluminum, carbon fiber, burl wood and highly polished piano lacquer surfaces make the cockpit shine, while the precisely hand-crafted embroidering in the foot mats and head rests are a testament to the time and effort Mansory put into the revamped Dawn.