The BMW S1000RR is one of the world's fastest and quickest accelerating superbikes. You'd have to be a special brand of crazy to decide the motorcycle's 199 horsepower, 999cc inline four-cylinder engine isn't powerful enough for you and Steven Decaluwe of Belgium's Motokouture Motorcycles fits that rarely seen line of lunacy.

Decaluwe wanted to push the limits of the S1000RR's various electronic systems whilst showing off all that they are capable of, so he installed a Garrett turbocharger on the bike, bumping output to an insane 300 horsepower and 107 lb-ft of torque. He also strapped it with revised engine management software and custom fabricated air intakes and headers.

Some of the cosmetic modifications include a custom made seat, BMW HP4 wheels and a carbon fiber swingarm. Decaluwe named the bike VDC#92/MK30 in memory of Belgian motorcycle racer Vick De Cooremeter, who he says was probably the only person crazy enough to test the bike. De Cooremeter was insane enough to tackle the infamous Isle of Man TT and lost his life in the 2014 Open Trophy at the Circuit of Chimay in Belgium, so we doubt very much that he'd be phased going wide open throttle on this unhinged build.