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MadWhips, modified & exotic car spotting

Seriously, what's up with these guys? Apparently they are an image site that shares pics of cars or something of that nature.

I signed up on their website several years back, at a time when I was new and ignorant. I had issues uploading images on the site and e-mailed the admins how to solve it.

Little do I know they start uploading my images without my permission after the whole e-mail conversation, which infuriated me. I tried e-mailing them to delete my account and the images associated with it, but all they have done is deleted my account and transferring my images to a different account, and this they took several months to do. They even uploaded my images with their watermark without my permission or proper credit on their instagram too!

I e-mailed them even more to remove the images from their site, but they keep ignoring me. I made a DMCA report to their host site, which is ongoing, so idk how that will turn out. Also I reported their images on FB and Instagram with success, and their Instagram page seems to be deleted.

I also spoke to Effspot and Alex Penfold Photography and they don't recall joining that site or posting any pictures there either. Also there other big names on the site too, like Jason Thorgalsen and I wonder they have any idea about this.

Explain yourself Anthony, aka admin of MadWhips.

An example of their actions:

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