They say property is always a good investment, and if the price tags on these homes are any indication, that concept couldn't be more accurate. Time to get your accounts in order (and lets hope you've got seven figures in there) because these are five of the most expensive houses for sale in the USA!
5. Greenwich, Connecticut

Situated in one of the most exclusive communities in the state, this 80-acre Conyers Farm home is listed at $65 million. Most amazing features this stunner has to offer? Try 8,000 square feet of luxury living space, three guest cottages and a 22-slot horse stable.

4. Naples, Florida

Think Florida is just for the old and retired? Well, it’s also for the filthy rich apparently! The most expensive home in Collier County, Naples is this $68 million mansion. Offering incredible waterfront views thanks to the 4.8 acres of beachfront land it sits on, the home also features a 66 ft. pool and spa, private botanical gardens and a 7-car collector’s garage.

3. Dallas, Texas

Dubbed The Hicks Estate, this four story, $100 million mansion includes a wine cellar (that stores upwards of 500 bottles), a helipad (for those that travel by helicopter every now and again), tennis courts, a top of the line gym, and a panic room. So, it’s kind of awesome.

2. East Hampton, New York

A beautiful home in the Hamptons isn’t an unusual sight to see, but this $140 million estate has got the rest of them beat! Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the “Briar Patch” is a 10,000 square foot home featuring views of the Atlantic Ocean, a 60 foot pool with an attached hot tub, and a tennis court. The property also includes an over 3,000 square foot guest cottage.

1. Beverly Hills, California

Surprise, surprise! Featuring some of the most expensive homes in the world, it’s not shocking that the priciest estate in the US is located in a Beverly Hills neighbourhood. At $149 million bucks, real estate mogul Jeff Greene’s estate (known as the Palazzo di Amore) is absolutely insane. Among the fancy features? 12 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, a private vineyard, a wine cellar with room for 3,000 bottles, and parking for up to two dozen cars!  To see more photos from Palazzo di Amore, CLICK HERE .