Luxury4play has officially been invited to the 1st annual Spectre 341 Challenge!

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Luxury4play has been selected to send a representative to the 1st Annual Speed by Spectre 341 Challenge - a road race on one of the country's most challenging mountain roads - Nevada's Highway 341. Check out Spectre 341 Challenge | for more on the 1st Annual Speed by Spectre 341 Challenge. The event will be covered by media from TV to Magazines!

Here is how we need the help of the members.
We need a member of the forum who is willing to take their car to this racing event (which is by invitation only) and we want the members of the forum to nominate the car/member who they want to see representing Luxury4play!

Keep in mind, this isn't to be a popularity contest. Don't nominate someone because you are buddies with them on the forum. The member nominated needs to be willing to take his or her car to Nevada in June for this two day race.

All we need is your nominee's name and a picture of their car IN THIS THREAD. The cars don't need to be fully built race cars (all vehicles entered must be registered, have insurance, and be street legal) and the member doesn't need to be a professional racer but please keep in mind that we want to make a good showing so some racing experience would be nice and let's be honest; a stock car isn't going to get the job done. Furthermore, the registered owner needs to be the driver.

Luxury4play members are asked to nominate a forum member and his or her car to represent the forum in the 1st Annual Speed by Spectre 341 Challenge. To nominate someone, you need to post their forum screen name. There is no limit to the number of nominations but we will only be accepting them until Tuesday (sorry for the short notice but I just got authorization to do this), so if you want to nominate someone, speak up!

For further rules and information check out the 1st Annual Speed by Spectre 341 Challenge on their website. This is a serious event that has no margin for error. Believe me, I have run the Virginia City Hill Climb with the Ferrari club for years and the road is very challenging. If you make a mistake you are off the cliff for a several thousand foot drop! There are many great drivers that will be at the event. You can see a history of the current record holders (I am one of them) under the 3:41 club section on the website.

So my question is who is going to represent Luxury4play?
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Reading his post and sig, then knowing the outcome. It's quite erie. RIP

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