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I have for sale an m34. I bought this watch used ok another forum a few months back. It is in general in very good condition with wear consistent of only a dozen or so days worn. There is some light scratching on the clasp of the steel bracelet and a couple small surface scratches on the case here and there. Anyone that has ever owned a brushed watch knows this is pretty standard.
Second picture shows the only decent sized scratch on the case, on the side. Pretty sure that was a door jam knock

Leather and rubber straps have never been installed by me and if the previous owner did I can't tell. The buckles are both scratch free so it appears they weren't used.

Overall I would rate this excellent to be safe but certainly think it's near mint in my mind

Includes all paper work/boxes and two links taken out of the bracelet (which I can reinstall if that's desired).

This is a great watch but I have the an a13 with the same basic color scheme and just don't see a need to have both.

Outer box has a crack in the corner.

Pictures are as good as I can do right now. I don't have a computer at home.

375 open to offers/trades especially other lum-tec or even partial on my next grail which is a kobold
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