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Lotus Announces New Custom Engine Partnership With Toyota | News

For years Lotus has relied on Toyota engines to power its incredible sports cars. Tuned by Lotus engineers, powerplants like the 1.8-liter 2ZZ came alive in lightweight Lotus vehicles, while Toyota’s reputation for quality, reliability and durability meant that owners never had to worry about how many miles they put on their car or how hard they beat on them.

Today Lotus and Toyota announced a future partnership that will see the Japanese auto giant produce “tailor-made powertrain solutions” for Lotus vehicles in the future.

The announcement was bade the the British embassy in Tokyo where Lotus CEO Dany Bahar presented Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda with the very last Toyota 2ZZ-GE-powered Lotus Elise to ever be built.

“The presentation of Toyota’s last 2ZZ engine in the Elise is a symbolic gesture of our continued respect and deep appreciation for our partner not only acknowledging our past but also looking forward to our future together,” said Bahar.

More details of the continued partnership between the two automakers will be announced at the Paris Auto Show on September 30th.
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