Looking for an R8

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New to the forum. Looking to buy an R8 (V8). Price range of $85-95,000. Most likely will be purchasing around March (winter where I live is really bad so I see no point in buying it now), but that doesn't mean we can't work out a deal for the future.
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I personally have never seen one sell for that little. Not even an 08. I'm assuming you might get lucky at those numbers if its a higher mileage 08. But your best bet to get at that price range would be NOW, in the middle of the winter months. Come March, prices will only increase a bit....
Going to cost you close to 100 for an 08... unless you get something with 30-40k miles
BTW - just put snow tires on... car is great in winter

YouTube - Audi R8 Snow Day
Listen to Club411, he has been doing his homework for about 2 years now. ;)
Listen to Club411, he has been doing his homework for about 2 years now. ;)
I am cheaper than a sale at walmart... 100k for an 08 110 for an 09

r8 in the 80's no such thing
I found a 2008 R8 v8 going for 98K with 10k miles. Club411 is right with the prices.
Well whenever you decide, you won't regret the car or the price. They are worth every penny! Going on two weeks with mine and you can't keep me out of the driver seat!
It's an amazing car - Like having a reliable daily driving Ferrari
Mine will be 100x better this winter
Been looking around and found a few in Canada selling for about 98K with 20K km's on it so about 12,500 miles. And I have decided to get one ASAP as I need an AWD car for the winter cause my M5 just isn't cutting it. Been forced to drive my BMW 335i (x-Drive) and old Cayenne around in the winter. I miss the power to say the least.

I've also been trying to sell my M5 for 45K. It is an 06, SMG transmission, Indianapolis Red, 29K miles on it. If I can get the car sold for 45K, I will have the R8 before the new year no problem. The issue lies in selling the car.
I can get you one for 95k.
Send me more details about the car.
There is one at my local dealership.....2010 R8 V10 drop top....for the very affordable price of....................$210,000!!!
Guys another thing I forgot to mention, because of NAFTA, if I do purchase the vehicle in the US, I will have to pay 5% tax (Alberta Tax) and an additional 6.1% (due to the fact that the car is manufactured in Germany). So 11.1% tax on top of the vehicles original price. So keep that in mind guys and thanks again for all the info/support.
R8 for 85k? I'll take 3.
That's why I am trying to find one within Canada. If I do find an R8 with low mileage I am willing to pay 105K for the car.
I got an R8 for an early Christmas present... cost my dad about $50 and came with a spiffy remote control!
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