Look Inside the World’s Most Luxurious Cruise Ship

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The Crystal Esprit feels more like an intimate superyacht than the usual type of ocean liner cruiseship. Its smaller size—holding up to 62 guests—allows passengers to really enjoy tighter cruising, off-the-map ocean exploration.
Crystal Cruises' latest offering has a more youthful and lively air than traditional liners, with contemporary nautical decor and young-minded shore activities like wakeboarding and zip lining. And when on-land excursions just aren’t cutting it, passengers can explore the depths in the ship’s deep-sea submersible.
Crystal Esprit carries a ton of toys to play with, including four Zodiac boats, two personal watercraft, a U-Boat Worx C-Explorer submersible, and a 32-foot Wider sport yacht tender.
The ship will tour the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas between Venice and Dubrovnik for the rest of the calendar year. A seven-night sailing, all-inclusive trip starts at $3,240 a person.

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