Ask anyone who lives in the country and I can bet one of their most favorite things about living away from the city is how they are completely surrounded by nature. The clean, fresh air and calm scenery is enough to remind anyone of how peaceful it is to live where there is greenery for miles and miles.

Thanks to Bluefield Houseboats, living in serenity and the water is possible! Imagine sipping a glass of merlot while the sun sets against the river as your house quietly sways ever so slightly…

The idea of living on water is not a novel one, but one that is always appealing to buyers who have the means to cash in on one. Bluefield Houseboats is completely customizable, meaning owners can decide on the materials they would like to use, the configuration and if they would prefer one or two stories.

Best of all? The company who makes these structures ships all the materials to be built on-site and leaves a minimal energy footprint.

Sign us up, please!

[ Source: BlessThisStuff ]