Live Like an Emperor in Mainland China's Most Expensive Home

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This is Mainland China's most expensive home. It may look like an ancient palace inhabited by a fairytale princess, but in reality, it's a three-year old mansion that could be inhabited by you (if you have $150,342,028 USD to spare).
Appropriately named Taohuayuan ("utopia" in English), this property sits on a private island near Suzhou, a beautiful Chinese city famous for its canals and classical gardens. Recreating a traditional landscape,  this home's mystical gardens are modelled after the Classical Gardens of Suzhou.

To add a modern twist to the property, designers built a large pool that looks out at Dushu Lake.

The mansion itself is a whopping 72,441 square feet and features 32 south-facing bedrooms. Each room blends contemporary style with traditional East-Asian design.

Most impressive of all is this spectacular wine cellar, equipped with enough vino to last you a couple lifetimes.

If you have cash, we recommend you spend it on this architectural masterpiece. If not, just look at these photos and dream of a lottery win:


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