Living like a member of the royal family has never been so easy! This spectacular Spanish Villa is set on a 1.45-acre plot and features 10 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and over 2,500 square feed to terraces.
This gorgeous Villa is situated just west of Marbella and was briefly owned by a Spanish Prince back in the 1990s. The home is now up on the market again after being refurbished by the current owner who did a fabulous job of making the interior fit for, well, a Prince! The white-walled grand foyer is everything but boring, boasting a massive chandelier and double staircase with white marble balustrades.
The formal dining room is bathed in natural light thanks to its ceiling-to-floor windows and looks absolutely stunning with its royal blue window treatments. The new kitchen, breakfast room and bedrooms look equally as monarchial and modern with their elegant decor and color schemes.
Outdoor amenities include subtropical trees, a tennis court, heated outdoor pool as well as a three-car garage and enough outdoor parking for simmer vehicles. And for a mere $6 million, this royal beauty could be yours to behold and adore.

[ Source: RobbReport ]