Live Like a Mobster For Half the Cost

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Three years ago, this spectacular Brooklyn home was on the market for $30 million dollars and when no one wanted it, it got a price cut of down to $17 million. After losing a neighbor, the home is now listed for  $12.5 million- a sweet deal for a house this gorgeous.


But one has to wonder why the home has been dropping in price so steadily- and it may or may not have to do with its roots. The main house was built by John Rosatti, a multi-millionaire who has mob connection to the Colombo crime family. If that wasn’t enough, he sold the property back in the early 90’s to Galina Anisimova, who was known as the mother of the “Russian Paris Hilton”. Talk about a historic past!


Nevertheless, the 10-bedroom is now up for grabs and we must say, the interior is absolutely drool-worthy. Classy and sophisticated, we can definitelysee ourselves counting loads of cash with a cigar perched on the corner of our lips.


 The kitchen and dining room is serene yet still functional, offering plenty of counter space and only the best appliances.


The monstrous staircase adjacent to the dining room has sky-high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows to bathe the room in natural light.


The medication room gives guests the feeling of being in an aquarium and even has its own skylight.


The master bedroom has plenty of windows so owners can treat themselves to spectacular views of the water and sleep in tranquility. If that doesn’t help, one of the eight bathrooms will surely have a tub that will tickle your fancy.

And if all else fails, your 1,000 square-foot-pool and 30,000 square feet of gardens should take your mind off the fact that this house has probably seen some…stuff.

For $12.5 million, you get a little slice of heaven…plus some stories that can either spook or thrill your guests!


[ Source: BusinessInsider ]

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