If you prefer a thousand galloping horses over horsepower and hundreds of sundials over a luxury timepiece, then you might turn down a multi-million dollar modern home and purchase this also thousand-year-old castle and village instead - and we are totally on board!

Castle di Sismano is a castle and surrounding village in Todi, Italy and has seen over one thousand years of royal inhabitants. Past owners include Emperor Otto, who donated the castle in 962 AD to the family of Prince Corsini, two of whom became Popes!

The 18,000 square foot castle has most recently been used as a bed-and-breakfast—one night, for example, could rack up a $300 bill. The castle is also situated on a total of 2,100 acres of land which include olive groves and plenty of green forests and pastures.
The castle features a whopping 22 rooms and its own private restaurant.
Oh, and did we mention this stunning pool?! Yep, we’re pretty sure this wasn’t around when Emperor Otto was around - his loss, your gain!
When you purchase the castle, you do not own the entire village surrounding the building. You will, however, become the owner of the village clock tower, garage and historic wash house.
The price for this slice of history? A mere $8 million—not much when you consider how many generations of royalty has lived inside these walls. Plus, how many people can honestly declare they live in a real-life castle—not many!
Source: [ BusinessInsider ]