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Do you remember the Lightning GT? The electric-powered sports car is actually supposed to be on Europe’s roadways as of now. Unfortunately and as expected, the Lightning GT is behind schedule but, fortunately and unexpectedly, the project has not been axed. Right now the GT is in the late prototype stages and Lightning hopes to start delivering vehicles in spring of 2012 with test drives available in the fall of 2011. The car is set apart from other electric sports cars like the lithium-ion-powered Tesla Roadster by its Lithium Titanate battery packs. Lightning says its batteries last longer, charge faster, deliver more power, and perform under a wider range of temperatures compared to lithium-ion batteries.

Some things have changed since we first took a look at the Lightning GT. It will now use two electric motors creating around 400 (down from the original 700-hp figure) and sending power to the rear wheels instead of separate motors at each wheel. Performance has been estimated at 0–60 mph in 5.0 seconds (up from the less-than-four-seconds original estimate), a top speed limited to 125 mph, and a range of 150 miles in normal driving mode and 225 miles with an optional extender battery pack. Lightning hopes to sell 250 units a year at approximately $290,000.

View more Lighting GT pictures here.

[via and Lightning Car Company]

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