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Introducing the Wheels Boutique 2015 Ram 2500 4X4 on ADV05|C forged wheels made for our truck friends. These are 2-piece custom forged aluminum wheels that can survive anything you throw at it. Made for the offroad enthusiast. A few months back we introduced this wheel style on the Platinum Motorsport Liberty Walk 458. After it’s debut in California and the viral media blasts of love, this style just had to be designed into our HD Series made for trucks.
Anyways, Tennis finally pulled through with the inspiration for the finish on these forged ADV.1 Truck Spec Heavy Duty Series Wheels. The New HD Series configuration wheels by ADV.1 are high load capacity 8 Lug Wheels built specifically for 2500 + 3500 LB Single Wheel Trucks.

Wheels Boutique picked up a 2015 Dodge Ram 2500 Limited 4X4 and shipped it straight from the dealer to Kelderman for their unique air suspension system that fits on these trucks like a glove. They installed their signature 8-10″ 4-Link Air Suspension Lift kit with Accuair e-level electronic self-leveling controller. Not only does it look badass with the ADV.1 Wheels but now the ride height can be adjusted. Believe it or not, having an adjustable 3/4 ton heavy duty pickup is a HUGE advantage.
Wheels Boutique fitted their Ram 2500 4×4 with ADV05|C 24×15″ wrapped in 40″ Toyo Tires Open Country. Other truck wheel options on the market include Fuel Offroad, American Force, KMC XD Series wheels but wanted an open style wheel with the biggest lip possible. The finish is very unique and compliments the white exterior. The ADV05|C were finished in Polished Matte Rose Gold center and lips. Rose Gold has become so popular even the Apple Watch now comes in this finish.
While at Kelderman Trucks, they installed Fusion Bumper front and rear custom power-coated to match the Dodge factory finish. The front Fusion Ram 2500 bumper looks like it belongs on an ARMY tank made from the light-weight heavy-duty aluminum. WB upgraded the factory fog lights to Rigid LED 4″ light bars and Defender Series mesh grille. The rear was complimented with the 2015 Dodge Ram Fusion rear bumper and upgraded Rigid LED back up lights.

Whats the looks without power right? Well Wheels Boutique had The Diesel Shop in Miami install the TDS Elite tune to increase that turbo diesel power. Boy does it make a different. Now it feels like a tank powered by a jet engine.

Photos: William Stern

More images here:
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