LibertyWalk GTR // BRIXTON FORGED x LB Performance

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LibertyWalk GTR // BRIXTON FORGED x LB Performance

Earlier this year, we were approached by a brilliant team of individuals involved in the world’s first fully wrapped, fully ICE'd LibertyWalk GTR. Owner, JJ Dubec, teamed up with WrapWorkz Van, Serial Nine and Armytrix to deliver a LibertyWalk with a massive presence. It's wild styling and wide-body setup allowed us to create a wheel set that was truly unique and bound to turn heads. With an emphasis on delivering something that hadn't been done before, we were set on producing the ultimate reversed lip, ultra deep concave, wide wheel imaginable.

The Brixton R25 stands proud in a class of its own as a true original in the wheel industry. Our team went through numerous reviews, changing milling paths and forging profiles until the ideal mixture of each came together specifically for this project. With a massive 20" x 12.5" rear and an offset that would make your jaw hit the floor, we finished the R25 Monaco Series with an accenting Brushed Bentley Blue outer lip, high-luster Brushed Smoke Black face and Firecracker Black exposed hardware. To view the R25's in closer detail, click here

Full Feature, click here

Photos by: Dylan King Photography, BDT Photography & 60fourign
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Never been a fan of the tacked on looking fenders.
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