Lexus SC300...(or mbsl55??)

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...would have fooled me... :laugh:
SC300 attempting to look like an SL55amg

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if the guy didnt have the side vents, the mb logo, and the roof spoiler...this car would look hella cool.
the roof line fits the front end great.

where did he get that hood from...I want that for my sl55.

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first of all mercedes dont nearly have that big of back side windows haha, and being an sc3 fan, i know that interior anywhere for that 4 seater definately looks more like a lexus.. ugly though
i thought you were asking which one to buy, that answers it right there..ROFL
SC300 looks good when done right, but this one not too sure about it.
someone needs to be beaten
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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