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One of the feature vehicles of our Vossen booth this year in collaboration with VIP Auto Salon and Lexus was the rare and utterly amazing Lexus LFA "Nurburgring" Edition. There are only 50 of these in the world and I believe less than a dozen in the states. For SEMA 2014 we decided to built a custom set of Vossen Precision Series wheels for it, model "VPS-304" which is a15 spoke twist lightweight forged wheel. Against the white LFA, the cinnamon color really made a lovely contrast. The wheels measured 20x10 up front and 20x12 in the rear wrapped in Nitto Invo Tires.

Do date as we are aware, it is the first and only LFA Nurburgring edition to have any sort of aftermarket wheel or modification :)

Here are some various shots of the amazing LFA in our booth for SEMA.

Setting up Monday

Always a fan favorite

Before the door opened

The two show stoppers, the #instabuilt RC F and the LFA Nurburgring

The Flagship

Overused but still relevant... "dat azz"


Looks like a Caption Picture lol


Sam has a good eye it seems

The details

Fixed rear spoiler for the Ring Edition

I see you


A shot during roll out Friday

On a personal level being a Lexus owner and enthusiast it was a week I surely will never forget.

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