Today is Amazon Prime day. It's 36 hours of deals just for Prime members. We've gotten some of the best offers and we're showing them to you to make sure you make the best of Prime day.

If you're spending any time on an airplane or on the subway or working in crowded coffee shops, noise-cancelling headphones can be your best friend. These Bose QuietComfort 25 noise-cancelling cans are some of the best around. They use a cord instead of Bluetooth for longer battery life, but if you just want some peace and quiet they'll let you pull the plug and use them cordless for noise reduction only.

Cryptocurrencies might be fluctuating up and down, but the one thing you can control is where you keep yours. Check out this Ledger Nano S hardware wallet . It stores Bitcoin Litecoin, Ethereum, and maybe even Dogecoin. It'll even let you hold different assets in the same wallet. It stores your private keys, PIN locked to help keep your coins secure.

Need to print, but not often? Tired of your dead or clogged inkjet every time you need to print some a few pages? Check out this Brother all-in-one Wireless Laser Printer . Scan, copy, and here's the best part, print when you need to. Laser toners won't dry out and fail with a lack of use like inkjet, so it's there when you need it. And the toner cartridge can last 1000s of pages.

When the power goes out, are you going to lose your work? Or will you be able to charge your devices? Check out this deal on select CyberPower LCD UPS systems . Keep the power on even when the grid is down. Lets you save your work before you shut down, or keep your phone charged in the dark.

Need that cool shot from the beach, on vacation, or with your crew? Check this wireless selfie stick tripod with remote from BlitzWolf . Take a selfie the old fashioned way, at the end of a stick, or set up the tripod, take your time aiming, and press the shutter on the wireless remote. Lets you get that extra wide shot for the whole crew.
Summer is heating up, and it's going to be here for a while. That doesn't mean you need to be hot too. The DeLonghi portable air conditioner lets you keep your cool and take you with it around the house or garage. And 12,000 BTU makes sure that even the big rooms get cooled off quick.

Look at your wrist. Now back at me. Is it time to put a new piece on your wrist? Check out up to 60 percent off of best selling top watch brands . Update your look, start wearing one for the first time, just know what time it is and look cool doing it.
Dun dun dun dun dun, Game of Thrones! Now that the song is stuck in your head, a rainy weekend afternoon is a great time to catch up on happenings in Westeros. The Seasons 1-7 set of the HBO fantasy drama is on sale.

Taking a trip somewhere exotic? Or even somewhere less exotic? Samsonite spinner luggage make it easier for you to lug your stuff through airports, city streets, and wherever else you happen to find yourself. Get these two-piece sets to help you pack your two-piece sets.

Your car is electric, so why not your lawnmower? Or maybe you're still waiting for your Model 3 order and just need something to soothe the electric itch. This GreenWorks electric mower delivers 12 amps of cutting current with a 20-inch deck to let you get the job done fast and quiet. It even mulches for even more green.
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