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The time came, to make one of the hardest desicions I ever thought i'd face to this day, so i sat down and had many days of thinking.

As I'm typing this, I still cant believe im doing this...

It's time to put up my 2008 BMW M3 Coupe for lease trade.

This is the one car I always dreamed of (literally) and always wanted to have... and once I actually got it, I dont think I've been so happy. Till this day, this car has treated me good and I will never forget the memories, events, and stories this car has brought.


2008 DCT M3 Coupe

Alpine White, Black Novillo leather

Options: FULLY LOADED... literally.

18,900 miles on the car now,

11,100 miles left for a total of 30,000 miles. (10,000 per years)

Not sure of the buyout. I will have to look that up.

13 months left on the lease

Elite Custom Exhaust w/X-Pipe & 3.5 Inch tips (custom bolt on as well)
RD Sport Springs
Hamann style front lip
Hamann style rear diffuser
DPE SP-5 black center w/ gloss lip (5 inch rear lip)
Toyo T1R's
color matched front grill with flat black gills
flat black fender grills

Will include the original springs, exhaust, and wheels (19's) +tires (ps2 80%)

All I'm asking is for $5000 down to cover some of the mods which I'm at complete loss at.

Car's services are all up to date

immaculate condition... Detailed regularly and washed weekly.


never been in an accident

never treated a car so good in my life

Monthly Payment including tax: $876 (including wheel & Tire warranty)

Email me at [email protected] for quicker response,

or PM my inbox gets full quick - so email.

thank you,

Hope to find a good home for this car.


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yeah, when you find the buyout let me know... a lease trade is probably my best bet

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thanks for the kind words guys... it really is very hard for me to let it go, but school at the moment is more important. This was my true baby, and was always first for me... I will probably end up getting another m3 when im out of school :) :)

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wow, that is ridiculous!! So F'ing hot! If I was to do get an M3 I would do it just like that! Great taste and GL with the sale.

I have been chatting with a buddy who is looking for a car and this might be perfect for him!!!
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