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First and for most: Please have credit, and then let your credit be very good/excellent. Mercedes Benz financial doesn't play around.

In addition, the reason I am putting it up for a lease takeover is because my new car has a locked date to be built. I need a 4 door and that car will be delivered around the 3rd week of February. So I would be looking for someone to pick it up around Feb 15-24th. The paperwork process takes about 2 weeks only.

You will not find this car for cheaper, go to your dealer, go to leasetrader/swapalease etc. I got this car for $500 over dead dealer cost/holdback.


Polar White on Black MB Tex
Aluminum Trim

P1 is standard on this model (heated seats, HK Sound, Sirius XM, bluetooth, HD radio, etc)

Lighting Package (Bi-Xenons w/ Active Curve Illumination, and high beam assist)
18" AMG Twin 5 spoke Wheels
4MATIC Package
Sport Grill

Car will have 24 months remaining on the lease, and is allowed 15K miles per year which is right on schedule. There are roughly 1300 miles per month remaining

13,310 miles currently on the car.

I am asking for $0 dollars down.
Just pay the $545 takeover fee and that is it. Payment is $515 + your states tax. This car was purchased a couple hundred dollars over dealer cost like I said, including $2,000 lease cash, and all dealers hold-back, hence the LOW price.

The car has the Sport grill in 1st pic, but now has the C63 AMG grill (2nd pic) Will get better pics soon, down-pouring outside. But if you aren't familiar just go to autotrader, which will give you a better idea. Car is in outstanding condition and just had its 1st service 1.5 months ago! Next service isn't for another 10K miles or 1 year.


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Why o why cant anyone ever let go a ferrari 458 spider lease for 2k mo for the last 3 months???!?!

nice whip btw
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