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Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Italia equipped with Armytrix valvetronic exhaust joined the Ferrari USA 60 years anniversary at Beverly Hill. This beautiful beast got lots of attention by those LB-Performance wide bodykits and Armytrix aggressive exhaust sound.

To further add to the excitement of Ferrari 458, Armytrix has designed a completely new aftermarket muffler system crafted entirely of titanium, incorporating triple mode exhaust valves, at higher rpm it fully unleashes the incredible sound of the F1-inspired, additionally, we offer optional, lightweight, and high-flow decatted pipes. Used in conjunction with the muffler system the sound is even more aggressive, similar to the 458 Challenge Car, but much louder. On a car of this design, weight savings are incredibly difficult to achieve. Remarkably, we were able to shave 9.6 kilograms from the stock muffler. If both the muffler system and high-flow catalyst are utilized an amazing reduction of 14 kilograms is accomplished! These weight savings, coupled with the added power and enhanced sound our system offers, makes a marvelous car truly unforgettable.

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Armytrix titanium valvetronic exhaust for Ferrari 458
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