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''Last Wednesday marked the official grand opening of the largest Audi Terminal in America, Audi Lauzon in Laval. The three story facility was designed with the customers buying experience in mind. The basement is essentially a giant showroom with the capacity of well over 130 cars. 33 service bays equipped with the latest tools on the market, an automated car wash station, a separate automobile reception area are just the few of improvements to the previous building. While clients wait for their vehicles to be serviced, they are free to use the business center, café and à la carte restaurant, and workout gym.

With the inauguration, Audi Canada presented the latest S6, S7 and S8 models. They are ready for pre-order, and begin deliveries next month. With a smaller engine, it burns less fuel, but a way better 0-60 acceleration. In our pictures bellow, we took a snap of the BiTurbo V8 engine without its cover.

The turnout of the evening was great. The main area was packed with guests being served champagne and wine with a wide variety of tasty hors d'oeuvres. We were quite impressed with the look of dealership and we hope this concept spreads on to other car makers.

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