A company called Automobili Amos has reimagined the iconic Lancia Delta Integrale as a carbon fiber infused two-door called the Delta Futurista.

The Delta Futurista is the brainchild of Italian racing driver Eugenio Amos, who has long been a fan of the Italian hot hatchback. The engine has been upgraded to 330 hp, while weight has been reduced to just 2,755 lbs (1,250 kg) thanks to a carbon fiber front bumper, hood, engine cover, rear hatch and spoiler. There’s also modern-day electrics from Magneti Marelli, Brembo brakes, Recaro front seats, aluminum pedals, a custom steering wheel and reupholstered rear seats.

Like what you see? So do we. Just 20 of these ultra desirable Delta Futuristas will be built, though, and each will be worth about $350,000. We know there are some massive fans of the Lancia brand out there, but you’d have to really love the Delta Integrale to shell out that much for one – no matter how much carbon fiber it’s been laced with.

The Delta Futurista isn’t so relevant, then, but it does serve as a reminder that the Lancia brand still has plenty of caché among enthusiasts. The Italian automaker was once a purveyor of fire-breathing rally cars homologated for road use, but it’s been neglected by Fiat Chrysler for years now. Have you seen the Lancia Ypsilon? It’s a far cry from a Delta Integrale or an 037.

a version of this article first appeared on AutoGuide