Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Versace with Forgiato Wheels

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Being a white Murci fan, and use to be huge Versace fan, these are the dopest rims / set up ever!!!!
Excellent. Like the white on the wheels.
I like the wheel concept. Looks like the kind of Lambo Young Jeezy would have in a music video.
:thumbsup: nice
guess who just got a boner because of the rims
I have seen the murci a showroom in london....

i cant get why the price is so much higher.....

and i surely prefer the ''common'' murcielago....
sick ride.
not a big fan of the bling wheels but the car is hotness.
I love the Versace logo thing on the lip
very nice, i would normally not be a fan but those are great.
Def. fits the theme! Nicely done
Not worth the extra $$ in my opinion

You guys did a great job matching up the wheels and pattern though.
im sure it has a great personality...good execution none the less
WOW.. i love the versace edition and with thoes rims....... i need some new pants lol
Nice Wheels

The wheels on this car looks amazing. The color is amazing as well.

such a similar logo. nice murci btw.
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1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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