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What is it?
This is the Lamborghini LP 837, a shadowy, camouflaged prototype that foretells of the Murciélago replacement. It uses a 700-hp, 509 lb-ft, dry-sump V12 and loads of carbon fiber for a lightweight demeanor.

There are three of these prototypes in the world, each in a different stage of development, and they're worth gazillions for their information-gathering value alone.

How's it drive?
With the V12 howling, the four wheels bite harder than they ever did on the Murciélago (it's now a Haldex IV center diff, rather than a viscous coupling) and the seats slam you so hard they take your breath away.

All the while, the bellow in your ears is shamelessly belligerent, but with a sheen of smoothness the old V12 never had. It's as if the only tremors coming from the motor are the ones Lamborghini wanted it to have, rather than the ones they were forced to live with.

No other car in the world changes gear this fast. First to second hammers home in just 0.05 second in the Corsa mode, and it doesn't do it smoothly, either. There's a marked, metallic “bang” and a shudder runs through the car and then it's back, ripping all 700 horses into the road again.

Do I want it?
Of course you do. It's a jet of a thing. Lamborghini tech boss Maurizio Reggiani insists the car will blast to 62 mph in less than three seconds and will have a 217-mph top speed. I have no reason to doubt him.
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