Lamborghini L595 Zagato to be Presented Soon

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In 2014, Italian styling house Zagato produced a unique  Lamborghini  Gallardo-based supercar for car collector Albert Spiess.

The coachbuilt Gallardo was called the 595 Zagato and featured a rather outlandish looking carbon fiber body designed by Stéphane Schwarz. Now it looks as though Zagato has been commissioned to build a convertible version of the car, with Lamborghini listing an ‘L595 Zagato’ model on its website this week.

Like the hardtop, the 2018 L595 Zagato appears to be based on a Gallardo – this time a soft top spyder version of the Italian supercar. The coupe tapped the Gallardo’s 570 hp 5.2-liter V10 engine, and we’re expecting this drop top version to as well.

It’s not clear when the 2018 Lamborghini Gallardo L595 Zagato may be officially presented, but we get the feeling it will be soon. After all, the owner will want to take delivery of his new convertible in time for summer.

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