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Two fully-camouflaged variants of the Lamborghini Jota were seen testing at the Nurburgring, one with a spoiler, one without. Could it be Lamborghini's mysterious 83X project is really a Jota Superleggera? :bitenails:

Given the level of secrecy and lack of details surrounding this recently-uncovered 83X program, the idea of it being a Superleggera variant of the Jota isn't terribly far-fetched. If a smaller, V10-toting Gallardo replacement were headed to Paris, shouldn't we have seen spy photos of it by now? In any case, the bare-assed and be-spoilered versions of what we're calling the Jota give us some food for thought.

Can't wait! :clap:

Source: Lamborghini Jota Superleggera In The Works?
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