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It's that time again. Who needs love? San Diego! Those of us that attended the Station Pizza run had a great time so I have decided to shoot for round 2. The Pizza there is great and the "UNDISCLOSED" Roads we journey on after Lunch are always fun. You can just join us for Pizza and take off or come along for the run after. There are two different groups heading over to Station Pizza.


1st Group
Los Angeles Caravan:
Address: 5630 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, California
Meet Time: 6:00 AM. Take-off will be around ~6:15'ish.
Destination: Cars and Coffee Irvine
7905 Gateway Blvd
Irvine, CA 92618

2nd Group::
Meeting at Cars & Coffee Irvine
7905 Gateway Blvd
Irvine, CA 92618
C& C Irvine starts at 6am.
We will leave the parking lot around 8:30 am.
I will be in the front standing with the Volunteer staff that directs the cars in.
(or running all over the place but you will find me eventually)

3rd Group::
CBad Cars & Coffee
Carlsbad Company Stores
5620 Paseo Del Norte Suite #124
Carlsbad, California 92008

They will take off at 9:00am and head over to Station House Pizza
You can find more information on their fan page here: Cbad Cars | Facebook

Or you Can Meet us Directly::
Station Pizza
10:00 am
1531 W Mission Rd
San Marcos, CA 92069


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Mark and I will be there in the L4P Balboni :)

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Depending on Haze's fligh time. Both of us might actually be able to make it. But I know I gotta drop him off at LAX on the 15th to go back home.
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