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Patek Philippe 5712/1a Nautilus (/1a signifying steel on bracelet)

The Watch:

Case Design with similar "octogon" to resemble the porthole of a ship, this case design was originally drawn up along with the Royal Oak design by Gerald Genta! This is the 1A version which signifies steel on bracelet, they also produce white gold and rose gold on crocodile straps w/ double deployant buckles, newer gold models also come with a rubber strap that is very supple. Case design is unique and similar to the original royal oak design as it does not allow access from the back of the watch, screws must be removed that hold on the bezel (on the side ears on this watch) where then the bezel is removed and movement can be extracted directly out of the watch without removal of the crown.

Movement for this piece is the Cal 240 variation 164 as signified on the movement through the display back. Watch uses a solid gold microrotor to wind to its full 48 hours reserve. Beautiful Geneva seal certified movement with a heartbeat running at 21,600 vibrations per hour also indicates its power reserve, date and moonphase on dial side of watch. Beautiful geneva lines along with gold inlayed engravings also decorate this beautiful movement.

Bracelet is firmly held together with 2 screws per link for safety and uses a double deployant friction locked clasp with an additional flip lock clasp that uses ceramic bearings to hold the clasp firmly shut. Bracelet is without micro-adjustment so a 1.5 size link is available for order to fit wrists that seem to be "between" links.

Moonphase might seem like the usual but patek philippe spares no expense, The disc is cut from a wafer of corundum crystal (sapphire).
Gold, evaporated in a vacuum, was condensed on the disc through a photographic mask to create the shape of the moons and stars. The aperture is so cut at its upper edge as to represent the lunar terminator. During the first days of each lunation the leading edge of a golden moon becomes visible as a crescent on the right of the aperture and appears to wax as it emerges beyond the curved edge of the aperture representing the lunar terminator. Half way through the lunation, the moon appears full. It then wanes as it disappears behind the terminator on the left of the aperture. As the moon vanishes, the second moon on the disc is ready to appear on the right.

Steel model with an MSRP of $30,700, gold models 38,300... These watches used to trade for FAR over MSRP with steel models almost seeing the 50k mark and waiting lists seeing almost 7 years. Recent times have caused the market of this watch to almost equalize with MSRP but waiting lists still are very long because of long backorders. Still heavily sought after the 5712 is the most complicated of the nautilus models and the only patek philippe currently available in steel with a moon phase.

My Thoughts:
I feel the 5712 is a great watch that lends itself not only to sporty appearance but also to classy appearance. the watch is very rugged but also incorporates a very beautiful and classic designed movement with micro rotor and beautiful anglage to show some time and effort was put into each and every movement. Bracelet design is at the top of its game using ceramic ball bearings and double screws per link for safety. and finishing of the case is very superb as well with brushed area's meeting polished areas with the most crisp of edge. Worth every dime when it was trading in the 40's this watch is now a bargain in the 30's and should be swept up as it will always be an in demand watch with its classic and timeless design by gerald genta.
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