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i'd be in, but i don't own a euro at the moment, so i'd feel a lil outta place vehicle wise
The guy posting has a Honda so I figured it was open to all even though its called a Euro run. Im used to crashing Subaru meets with my Mitsu lol.
We wanted to keep it mainly euro-based simply because if we kept it open to everything and really spread it around we would have easily had over 500 cars. Keeping it just euro cars reduced the number significantly. It was one of the hottest days of the summer (bad planning on my part) which kept a lot of people from coming, but even so we still had over 100 cars.

That being said, we're certainly not going to tell anyone not to come just because they don't own a euro car. There was an F-150 Lightning there last year, just as an example. Any type of car that is cool is more than welcome to come.

And yes, I have a Honda unfortunately lol. I sold my Mustang GT and bought a Fit to get myself out of debt. My next car will be an E36 M3 that I will have some fun with once my finances are back on track.
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