We’re at the halfway mark of our Monaco Yacht Show preview, featuring some of the superyachts we’re most excited to see debut in the French Riviera.

Yesterday we looked at the Benetti FB264 , who made our shortlist for it’s killer interior. Today’s superyacht, the Baglietto Unicorn, could be even better.

Baglietto’s been on the comeback trail for the past two years, and it seems the comeback is complete with Francesco Paszkowski’s Unicorn superyacht. The 176-foot is the latest launch from the storied brand, sporting an aluminum superstructure and 33-foot beam that allowed Paszkowski to design an open, spacious interior.

It looks like a five-star hotel--really.

The minimalist interior creates an understated but luxurious setting, emphasized through the Paris-flat-like dark walls, large windows, and original stonework.

The Unicorn can host up to 10 guests in its five suites, along with 11 crewmen. It tops out at a respectable 16 knots, and can voyage 4,500 nautical miles at 12 knots. The superyacht also comes equipped with active stabilization, both at speed and anchor, for a smooth ride that slices through the sea.

We can only hope more superyachts will be fashioned similarly – particularly the god-like interior – to what this Italian shipyard is conceptualizing in the future.