It’s the Oscars of the yachting world.

The annual Monaco Yacht Show is just around the corner, running from September 28 through October 1 in Monte Carlo’s horseshoe-shaped harbor. Over the four-day international event, 34,000 yacht lovers, owners, and aficionados will take in 125 of the best, most progressive superyachts on the planet.

With so much innovation, design, and genius packed into 96 hours, it’s difficult to choose which yachts are an absolute must-see. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down our picks for the coolest, outside-the-water, most badass superyachts that’ll be docked on the French shoreline. These are the five superyachts, which we’ll feature each day, that we believe are the craftiest, most forward-thinking, next generation superyachts that’ll push the future of yachting in an exciting new direction.

First up: The Admiral Quinta Essentia.

Admiral shipyard’s latest addition to their flagship fleet – the 180-foot Quinta Essentia – is the biggest yacht the Italian boat builders have ever launched.

The ship’s architecture was overseen by Dutch firm Vripack, along with Dobroserdov Design for a progressive profile over the full-displacement hull that immediately caught our eye. With a bent towards a greener ship, Admiral opted for an all-aluminum construction, as well as an advanced diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system.

The Quinta’s powerplants are as cutting-edge as the ship’s profile, arguably the quietest and most fuel-efficient propulsion system in yachting. That powers the superyacht to a top speed of 16 knots, but can cruise at 15 knots comfortably. The hybrid propulsion system has enough juice for a 3,500 nautical voyage at about 12 knots.

Michela Reverberi’s interior design of the ship is as warm and inviting as the exterior, the muted earth colours and natural textures creating a serene atmosphere. The yacht has six suites that accommodates up to 12 guests (and 13 crewmen), each with elements of air, fire, earth, and water to compliment the natural motif.

The Quinta has enough amenities to keep passengers preoccupied over long trips, including a gym, spa, sauna, swimming pool, and what feels standard on all luxury yachts, a touch-and-go helipad.