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I can't say that I have ever had a similar experience to what you have described.

However, it is a relatively small, "family like" business and I know that they will work with you. As far as replacing paper goes, don't expect much. If they have a box, I am certain they will sell you one. You may be able to get some sort of verifying paperwork as a result of the service. For that reason, in addition to the timing issue, I'd arrange to have it sent to them for proper service, maintenance, etc. When arranging this maybe you could request some sort of official paperwork from them verifying authenticity. It won't be the same as the original paperwork, but better than nothing.

As far as response to emails (still the best way), they are not quick. I bought a knife (pre order) from Kobold and there were delays on release, etc. When I emailed them regarding this and requesting updates, they always responded to my emails, but never promptly.

Best of luck.

By the way, who did you email? I may be able to PM you the email that I corresponded with in the past.
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