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Who?!: Lucci ELITE
My Rating: 11.5/10

Here is the Detail write up:

Pricing: I should have paid more! Exceptional value :clap:

On to the review:
I wish I had more shots of the Before on this car, the reason I did not take any is because you all would have murdered me. The car was in TERRIBLE condition! Specially for being a E30 M3, unfortunately the motor the night before went out leaving the car stuck near the wall of my shop and making it a difficult task to detail!

The detail work Lucci Elite does is phenomenal, my photos dont show how perfect the paint looks now. Literally this 1990 M3 looks like it just was delivered here from Germany. Below are a few photos, I was planning on a photoshoot but with the top end shot and with the Kinetechnik Motorsport Race Engineer not coming in for another 3 weeks it never happened.

EXPECT a shoot later this summer with another detail and wash job by the Lucci Elite crew! The next time the car will be packing a 2.5l fully built by Kinetechnik Motorsport!

THANKS AGAIN Jimmy, JC, and Andrew

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